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COVID-19 Statement

First and foremost I hope all are well as we pass a very grim moment in the travel and tourism industry. I have family here in NYC as well as Italy and I can only be hopeful we are not affected personally by this pandemic. Many friend in Italy are losing loved ones and we send our prayers to those suffering though this in their homes all over the country.

In light of the health crisis surrounding the Corona Virus, Kristin’s Tours will not be accepting reservations for tours until further notice. We are hoping to reopen at least for walking tours around April 15, 2020. Due to the virus all reservations for student groups were cancelled as of March 12 through the 1st of May. The closures of major venues and warnings to not gather in more than 50 sealed our fate.

As of today March 16, New York City schools were closed as well as The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island and The Empire State Building. As of March 17, 2020 all bars, small venues and theaters will be closed as well. New York State Governor Cuomo, has made it clear that the shutdowns for bars is extended over the Tri-State area, no crossing state lines between New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for a drink. The NYC subway is still up and running, but otherwise we are facing a total shutdown by next weekend to reduce infection rate.

We are obtaining up to date information every hour from and and recommend that everyone adhere to the “stay home” rule in NYC and surrounding areas.

Please stay home, stay healthy and keep in touch with friends and relatives. We made it through many things in New York, we will prevail in this as well!

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