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End of the Year 2011

End of the year!!!

It has been an interesting year ladies and gents! I became a tour guide in March of 2011 and have gained invaluable experience from many sources; and not just in NYC. Trips to Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Boston and upcoming tours in Philadelphia prove that being a guide is not limited to just the Big Apple!

Levy’s Unique NY has been my learning ground and truly the first family of guides and a family to me. I trained trial by fire and was thrown into the real world very quickly to learn the ropes as a, Step-On, Private and Lead Tour Guide all in one season. I look forward to working as much as possible again next year, Italian tours and all!

I am loving my position as guide and narrator on the Hudson with NY Water Taxi. After a great Thanksgiving weekend in DC, I was crossing the Manhattan Bridge by car and as I looked out at the river I laughed and said, Ahhhh there’s my office! A great way to stay tan during the summer, I hope I make through the winter!

Thank you to all the students, teachers and private tour guests I’ve had this year. I only hope to become better, more organized (for sure!) and offer the best tours possible in the new year!

Happy Holidays to all and To all a great 2012

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