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HAPPY NEW YEAR / A Day in Philadephia

Shot of Brooklyn bridge from below at sunset


Working on New Years Eve and immediately again on Januray 2nd was a great way to start the year! I had a crazy time getting through the baracades and crowds, leading my group from Australia, but I managed to party a bit, sleep through my birthday on January 1st and do a full NYC tour on January 2nd; the first official woring day of 2012.  We watched the ball drop from the viewing window at Madame Tussauds. I’m waiting for the Aussies to get back home (you know they vay-cay for weeks) and hope I get some pix from them!

On Friday, January 6th I really kicked into gear and went to the City of Brotherly Love, Capital of the U.S. for 10 years time and downright dirty when it comes to a cheesesteak sandwich.  I had the great opportunity of traveling to Phialdelphia, Pa. for Great Escapes Tours out of Brooklyn, New York with students from Automotive HS.

We had a very extensive walking tour, on what turned out to be the best weather EVER in January, 52 degrees. Of course we did the top sightseeing parts and made our way to South Street for lunch. We wound up having to scramble to get a group of 67 to eat in an hour and NOONE accepts credit cards… But I was on point, super smart phone in hand,I got on my game calling around til I got the right price and we shut down STEAKS ON SOUTH for our group’s lunch. THEY ROCKED IT!

The Ben Franklin Institute was awesome. I love the great statue of the inventor and marveled at the number of inventions; including the walk through version of the human heart for young ones. We even got students to run up the museum stairs next to the Rocky statue. I played Eye of the Tiger when they got back!

I hope to return to the great city, a dear friend will be going to school there and perhaps I can do some of the off the beaten path walks when the weather get warm again!

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